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Snow storm preparation and safety


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- People in central Wisconsin are taking steps to make sure they are ready for the snow.

Snow can be beautiful. It can also bring extra work and damage, especially if people aren't prepared with the proper supplies.

With winter around the corner, Home Depot workers say they have been busier than usual.

Shoppers say, they want to stock up on winter supplies before they need them.

"While my kids are outside playing in the snow, I'm making sure the snow blower runs and that I will be able to dig us out in the morning," said Wade Schuette of Wausau.

Kyle Marquardt, a manager at Home Depot in Wausau, said it's a good idea to "make sure you have your shovel, ice melt. Make your snow blower has been serviced."

In addition to being prepared for snow, officers want drivers to be safe.

"Just because a road appears to be clear doesn't mean its not icy. Clear roads can ice up pretty quickly," said Mark Wager, a lieutenant at the Marathon County Sheriff's Department.

Officers say they expect more car accidents during and after snow storms. They advise people to stay off the roads during the storm whenever possible.

Wagers says one of the best ways to avoid accidents is to drive slowly. He says drivers need to look out for icy overpasses and ramps.

"If you begin slide, you should steer your wheels in the direction that you need to go," said Wagers.

He says if a car slides, slowly let off the gas and don't step on the breaks.

"That locks up the tires and then they start to lose traction. It makes a bad situation even worse," explained Wagers.

Officials advise drivers keep shovels, extra clothing, flashlights and food in their car just incase they get stuck.

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