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Packers will wear throwback jerseys on Sunday


It seems like every home game Jordy Nelson pulls off the deep catch up the sideline, beats a safety and takes off into the end zone. In 4 home games, 4 of Nelsons touchdowns were over 50 yards and each one beat out a defensive back.

Nelson says, "I mean it's quite the coincidence. I don't know how it's really working every time up that same sideline. But it's working, and hopefully it continues."

Aaron Rodgers agrees, "More often than not Jordy has been open. That's why he gets a lot of targets his way. We're trying to look for the open guy all the time, whether it's randall, or Jordy, or Davante, or the tight ends. We're trying to spread it around, but it's hard not to look Jordy's way when he's open so much."

This Sunday the packers will wear a re-creation of the team's uniforms from 1929, the year of the Packers first world championship.  The team wore the uniforms three other times, and have won all three times.  But Aaron Rodgers says that's not why he likes them. He says they're simply comfortable.

"The pants actually have morphed this year into the regular yellow ones, and they're more like the throw back pants. So I have no complaints about the yellow pants, but the throwback uni's have always set the standard as far as comfort when you're on the field."

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