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D.C. Everest students boycott school lunch


WESTON (WAOW) -- Some D.C. Everest students fed up with federal regulations boycotted school lunch Thursday.

Students say the meals they get under the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act leave them hungry.

D.C. Everest senior Meghan Hellrood, organized the event. She has drawn national attention for her efforts.

Hellrood described the day of the boycott as "a pretty good turnout." She said the lunch lines were shorter than usual and she suspects more than half of the students brought a lunch from home.

Hellrood says she wanted to make sure any student who wanted to participate could, so she and some friends packed sixty extra lunches.

The D.C. Everest senior emphasized the boycott had nothing to do with her school. She says she wants the federal government to change their lunch regulations.

"We're seeing really small portions of processed food," explained Hellrood.

D.C. Everest employees say the food served at school is healthy and low in sugar and fat.

"It's very well regulated," said Tom Johansen, the high school's principal. "What's being served is what's required to be served."

School staff members say the meals are carefully planned to give students the energy they need for the school day. Staff members say students might be hungry because they don't take advantage of all the food options.

"Students go through the line and they'll maybe grab a piece of pizza and a milk," explained Christine Welsh, the school's supervisor of food services. "They won't take the fruits and vegetables."

Welsh noted the meals are only supposed to keep the students full for the school day.

"At 4:00 p.m. if kids are hungry, they're supposed to be hungry. It's time for a snack," said Welsh.

Welsh has been in contact with the U.S.D.A about the boycott.

"They are responsive to the concerns that we have and they've always been willing to listen to us," explained Welsh.

No plans have currently been made to alter the school lunches.

The principal said he is pleased with how students stood up for their beliefs without causing a disturbance.

Hellrood says she has been contacted by students in other schools who said they support the boycott.

She says she hopes this will become a nation-wide movement.

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