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Stores prepare for Black Friday


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Corporate stores and local retail shops are getting ready for the Black Friday.

Workers from both stores say they've been busy preparing for the big day in very different ways.

Corporate stores like Target and Best Buy are working hard to make sure they're ready to handle the large crowds.

Kimm Vandenheuvel, a store team leader at Target says they've been "planning on how we're going to schedule and staff and also product placement."

While the corporate stores focus on managing lines and crowds, local Wausau retail shop owners see Black Friday as a good way to promote their business.

Nicole Chickering, the owner of Nicole's Boutique in Wausau says she hopes to give shoppers a break from the hustle and bustle.

"A lot of people who do their big box shopping early in the day come here in groups to grab a coffee and lunch and meander through the shops," said Chickering.

Several independent shop owners say they don't expect lines and won't have extended hours.

"There's no need to rush in early in the day," said Chickering of the local shops. "So there's not really a bad time to come in on Black Friday."

Although they have very different plans, workers at both corporate stores and local shops say they're ready for the big day.

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