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Keep your car in good condition this winter

The cold, the snow, and the salt that all come with winter can be hard on your car.

Proper maintenance can help keep your car in good condition throughout this harsh season.

Bob Stolze, the co-owner of Stolzes Wausau Auto Repair, said there are some things you should do before you hit the road.

"When you get into your car, try to keep your fuel above half tank to reduce the chance of moisture in your fuel," Stolze said.

He said there is some car maintenance you can do from home.

"Make sure you check your oil, make sure you check your transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid," he said. 

There are times when it is important to have your car looked at by a professional.

"I would have the brakes checked by a professional. Tires you can check on your own," said Stolze.

"If you're hearing any noises while you're driving, anything that doesn't seem normal, I'd have that also checked by a professional," he said.

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