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SPECIAL REPORT: Where the Locals Eat - Breakfast Edition

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW) -- Wake Up Wisconsin's Paige Hulsey and Nate Barrett made a reservation for two at your favorite breakfast stops.

From a Greek omelet in the Northwoods, to comfort food like momma makes in Wausau, and even a little 50s twist at a Stevens Point cafe, the duo hit the road to try your favorite morning meals.

The adventure started in Minocqua at the Island Cafe, where it's a true family affair.

"My dad had this business before I did," said George Callos, who owns the cafe with his wife.

"My husband's family is Greek. His father came over when he was 18 on the boat and his mother was Polish so he has quite a mix. I think that's where all his ideas came from," said Crystal Callos.

That has inspired a variety of specialties from both the homeland and stateside.

A popular item on the menu is the peanut butter crunch French toast, which George said was invented by his daughter.

The chefs also bring alive the flavors in the in-demand Greek omelet.

A dessert parfait with homemade granola is another speciality item at the restaurant.

From the main course to a breakfast dessert, Island Cafe was a delicious getaway.

The pair couldn't pass Wisconsin-style home-cooking at a true Wausau establishment - Log Cabin.

"At the Log Cabin, no body is here as a stranger. We just say they are friends you haven't met," said Keith Kappel, owner.

With a fresh pot of coffee and a counter full of company, the scene for a cozy breakfast is set.

"When we rebuilt in 1996, we weren't sure we were going to put the counter back in because we didn't know if the need was still there for it but because of the coffee clutchers, we needed to do that," said Kappel.

Breakfast favorites fill the menu.

"Blueberry pancakes is one of our featured items. We use real wild blueberries, fresh blueberries so they are always a popular item," said Kappel. "We do have a special on Thursdays, it's our sausage skillet."

The Log Cabin turned out to be another winner.

Lastly, the morning crew landed in Stevens Point.

Adding a little spice to the morning routine, Elvis greets customers at the Rock 'N' Roll Cafe.

"I've always been in the restaurant business and I always wanted to have my own little place," said Armando Perez, owner.

Perez said a picture of a 1950s cafe was the inspiration for the theme of his restaurant.

"He has hired the friendliest waitresses you will ever find anywhere," said one loyal customer.

The menu is just as colorful as the dining room, with meals named after stars like Frank Sinatra and frequenting customers.

It was just one more place to start the day sunny side up.

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