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Wisconsin couple in search of truck-driving good samaritan


ROME (WAOW) -- Last week a couple's car ended up in a ditch and a truck driver came to the rescue.

Bill and Kathy Zizzo were on their way to an appointment in Weston Wednesday. Their car hit a patch of black ice on Highway 51 just north of Lake DuBay.

"My husband couldn't gain control of the car and so it was turning around in two lanes of traffic," explained Kathy.

They say the car went spinning out of control and into the ditch.

The Zizzos were stuck in a ditch without a phone. They said all they could do was wait and hope someone would find them.

"[Bill] goes to the road to find some help. And all I kept saying was please, Lord. Hopefully somebody could stop for him," Kathy remembered.

Their prayers were answered in the form of a truck driver. Two minutes later, the Zizzos say a truck stopped to help.

Bill says the truck driver called the police for them so they could get out of the snow and back on the road. He says the truck driver was very humble and said he'd stop to help anyone on the side of the road.

Shaken up by the accident, the Zizzos didn't catch the driver's name. Now the couple wants to find the good samaritan so they can say 'thank you.'

"He went above and beyond that day and he didn't have to do that," said Bill.

The ZZizzossay the accident hhappenedaround 9:30 Wednesday morning.

If anyone knows who this mystery trucker might be, you can send us an email at news@waow.com and we can get you in touch with the Zizzos.

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