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Marathon County Crime Stoppers


WAUSAU (WAOW) - Con artists are once again targeting people in the Wausau area with telephone scams.  

Lt. Ryan Weber of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department says the scammers call people and pretend they are IRS agents. 

"They are very intimidating and very convincing and they know personal information about the people. Then they demand money," Weber said.

Investigators say the scammers tell their victims to get a Green Dot MoneyPak, which is like a debit card, to pay off the delinquent taxes.

Another scam being reported to police involves a caller saying a victim's relative is in jail and needs thousands of dollars to be bailed out.

Marathon County Crime Stoppers reminds people to never give out personal information over the phone.

"The IRS would never ask for personal information or demand what type of payment to pay taxes over the phone or in an e-mail. As for the jail scam, you should always verify whether there is a legitimate need for funds before you send money under any circumstances," Weber said.

Anyone who has been a victim of these scams or has received similar calls should contact local law enforcement.

You can call 1-800-409-8777.




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