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Stores and restaurants offer quick, alternative Thanksgiving dinners


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Some people spend a lot of time getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast.

For Anita Martin of Marathon City, it takes all day.

"About 9 in the morning I start getting ready," explained Martin.

Several stores and restaurants in central Wisconsin are making Thanksgiving dinner easier to prepare.

"We have turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy, corn, all types of desserts and a bakery in the back so lots of good stuff. You can relax. No cooking. No cleaning. TThat'son us," said Ethan Jones, a server at 2510 RRestaurantin Wausau.

2510 Restaurant has offered a Thanksgiving deli menu for several years. This Thanksgiving they'll offer a dine-in option for the first time.

"We have about 320 people on the call ahead list and 400 people picking up orders in the deli," said Hope Brewer, the banquet manager at 2510 Restaurant.

Restaurant managers say dining out can make the holiday more fun.

"It takes a lot of hhassleout of it and gives you time to visit with your family instead of spend time in the kitchen," said Corey Young, the general manager at the Great Dane Pub in Wausau.

People who would like to enjoy a hhome cookedmeal but don't want to spend much time in the kitchen can buy the meal all prepared and serve it at home.

"We give you instructions," said County Market Deli Manager, Randy Leitzke. "About an hour and a half later you have a good turkey dinner and it's all ready to go."

County Market, a Wausau grocery store, offers that option and it can feed up to eight people.

If people don't want to buy an entire meal, they can pick out individual food items.

Martin says she likes to bake the turkey but, "Cheat on the pies. Cause I'm not a good pie-maker."

Store and restaurant workers say they provide these options because they want to make the holidays as fun and stress-free as possible.

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