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Deer Hunting: Changing Tradition


We've all seen it on opening day of gun deer season, a line of hunters ready to register their deer. But could that be a sight of the past? Gun deer hunting as we know it today is changing. This is the last year hunters are required to bring their deer to a registration station. Starting next year there is a new option offered of registering your deer with a phone call, or checking it in online.

DNR Warden Brent Hertzfeldt says, "It's for the ease of it, a lot of other states have already changed to it with relatively few errors or few bugs with the system."

The goal of transitioning the process of registering a deer is meant to make it easier for hunters, but a registration station doubles as a place for hunters to tell stories and show off their deer. It's tradition.

Avid hunter Brady Dallman says, "I've been doing it ever since I've hunted 10 years ago and it's going to be weird, so I think we'll continue the tradition of going to the tavern, registration station as well."

Could the option of skipping the registration station take away from the camaraderie of the sport of hunting?

Dallman says yes, "It's definitely much better someone in person there shaking your hand and saying congratulations nice buck, that's a really nice buck, i'd be happy to shoot that, so i'd rather have it in person."

The bragging platform is boosted by thousands of people by simply posting a picture of your trophy on social media, but registration stations hold that human aspect. Can an amount of likes be equivalent to a real life pat on the back?

Dallman says, "I'd be happy with 35 likes."

I took this question to social media to see what our viewers think asking, "are the good ole days of hunting gone now that change is coming?"

Eric says, "I'll kind of miss stopping at the pub to brag, but time marches on."

Jorden has another view, "other states do it, glad Wisconsin is following suit. Tradition is fine but not when it gets in the way of progress."

With the changing of the seasons comes the change of times. But hunters tell me what will always remain is the level of excitement getting out opening day of season. No rule can change annual routine.

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