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French president cheered in Ebola-stricken Guinea


 Thousands of people have lined the roads in the West African country of Guinea to welcome the visiting French president.

   Francois Hollande (frahn-SWAH' oh-LAWND') is the first Western leader to visit one of the countries hit hard by Ebola. Among those greeting the president were French health workers who are there to respond to the Ebola crisis.

   Guinea's president greeted his French counterpart at the airport and said that if Hollande could visit the country, then anybody could.

   The U.N.'s World Health Organization last week declared the outbreak in Guinea had "stabilized." A French relief group, though, said there is little or no reliable information about the epidemic in rural areas.

   The largest caseload in Guinea is currently centered around a southeastern town where France helped open a new treatment center this month. But according to Doctors Without Borders, it opened for only one hour before its 15 beds were filled.

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