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Walking in a winter wonderland in Marshfield

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) -- Every year the Rotary club in Marshfield puts together a dazzling display of Christmas lights.

"Brings the community together and that's really what the rotary clubs try to do," said Danielle Nystrom, the volunteer co-chair of the event.

One and a half million Christmas lights illuminate the Winter Wonderland.

"The hardest part is having too many volunteers and trying to make sure everybody gets involved that wants to be involved," said Nystrom.

More than 100 organizations help with set-up.

"We had a waiting list of about 15 to 20 groups that wanted to help this year collect food on a night which is a great problem to have," said Nystrom.

The event is not all about the sparkling lights.

"Well this has a huge impact in feeding the hungry of the Marshfield area, in fact, that's the reason this project exists," said Al Nystrom, an event organizer.

There is no admission charge, but many choose to give back.

"We ask our guests to give generously of food and cash donations as they come in to the park," said Al Nystrom.

The food collected and the money raised are donated to 22 food pantries in the Marshfield area.

"It really benefits our community, and it's amazing to see how everybody comes together," said Nystrom.

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