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SPASH Bomb threats costing tax payers


This school year, the Stevens Point School District has received five bomb threats.

"We're not sure, I wish we did know why people keep wanting to do this," said Sgt. Tony Babl from the Stevens Point Police Department.

The most recent of the threats came in last week. It was a note written on a boys bathroom wall.

"It talked about a bomb that was scheduled to go off on Wednesday, December 10th," said Babl.

While police say none of these threats has put students in danger, they have an impact.

"It really is a disruption to the school day and you know to the police department and peoples' general feeling of safety in the community when things like this keep happening," said Babl.

And each time they happen, there's a price tag for taxpayers.

"It does take officers off the road that should be out patrolling and making the streets safe," said Babl.

The police department has put in a total of 56 hours of overtime for all five threats.

"There were officers last week out on overtime to search the school," said Babl.

This cost at least $2,000 in overtime pay.

"Also plenty of administrators and janitors alike were helping with searches," said Babl.

The police department is working to get to the bottom of who is behind the most recent threats.

"Making a bomb threat is a felony. Our DA's office is prepared to pursue charges against anyone caught doing this," said Babl.

If it's a student behind the act, there will be school repercussions that could include expulsion.

Punishment might not stop there.

"They could be asked to pay restitution for all the extra officers and the extra time needed to search the schools, search the backpacks," said Babl.

School officials were not available to comment.

In a letter sent home to parents the principal of Stevens Point Area High School said a thorough sweep and inspection of the building will happen after school on Tuesday.

"We also are concerned about their perception of safety, we want them to feel comfortable coming to school, so we will have extra officers in the area," said Babl.

On Wednesday, the school will be checking all student bags, purses, and backpacks as students come in the building.

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