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Warm temperatures complicating winter sports


Snowmobile trails in Marathon County will not be opening up Monday as originally planned because of unseasonably warm weather.

"If we get that kind of weather it's going to do a lot of damage to the snow we've got," said Jon Daniels, the Motorized Recreation Administrator for Marathon County.

He said the early cold and snow helped the trails but it's not enough. 

"We've only got about between 1 and 6 inches of snow right now throughout Marathon County and that's not enough," said Daniels.

The lack of recent snow and warmer temperatures aren't helping. 

"We need the cold weather to get some frost on the ground. If we get frost on the ground that helps preserve the snow and the base that we have and lets us build on that," said Daniels.

Daniels is hoping for some help from the skies.

"We rely on mother nature, so we have to work with, take with what we get and work with what we have," said Daniels.

He hopes to have the trails open by Christmas.

Officials in Vilas County tell Newsline 9 their snowmobile trails will open Friday afternoon.

Slyvan Hill in Wausau will be opening up Friday for sledders. 

"We're always in a tight relationship with mother nature. She is our closest and dearest friend and sometimes our closest and most frustrating partner, and this weekend will be no different," said Karyn Powers, the Recreation Superintendent in Marathon County.

Thanks to snow makers, one of two sledding hills will be open.

"We're all set, number one is all done. Number two we're just working on and as soon as mother nature brings her happy face back and cooperates we'll be finished up on number two and it'll be open too," said Powers.

She says before the snow is packed down, the hill might be a little slow. 

"I call it the postage stamp effect, sometimes the lighter weight people stick on the side of the hill like a postage stamp," said Powers.

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