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Wausau police officer's act of kindness is paid forward

WAUSAU (WAOW) - The holidays are a time to give back, and that's what one Wausau police officer did.

This is the kind of story that really warms your heart. The officers act of kindness didn't go unnoticed, and his good deed has come full circle on Friday.

December second was just another day on patrol for Wausau police officer David Prokop.

"I was over by Menard's,” said Prokop. “I went over there for a hit and run, and as I was coming down Stewart Avenue and was taking a left hand turn, and a gentleman was standing on the sidewalk."

The man was homeless.

"I stopped and rolled down my window and he thought I was going to roast him for having his sign, and I said no I'm just checking to see how you're doing," said Prokop.

The man's answer was simple.

"He says I can really use a warm pair of boots," said Prokop.

Officer Prokop had an idea.

"I said what size is your foot and he said it's a ten,” said Prokop. “So I said are you going to be here for a while, and he said yeah I'll be here for a while, and I said stay put."

The officer went to Fleet Farm.

"Got him the boots,” said Prokop. “I got him a size eleven, so if he was able to come up with some warm socks he could keep his feet warm. I said here you go man Christmas came early. Merry Christmas to you, and his eyes were probably around this big, and he looked at me and said thanks brother, and he reached over and grabbed me by the hand and shook hands."

Someone working nearby saw the whole exchange and called the police department to let them know about Prokop's act of kindness. The department posted it on social media, and from there, this story took a twist.

This isn't the first time officer Prokop did something extraordinary.

Morgan Woodruff got the call in Wausau in September. Her father Woody Woodruff, who worked with the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce, had died of a heart attack. She pulled over, jumped out of her car, and clung to the ground.

But she says an angel pulled next to her, comforted her, and took her home. That angel was officer David Prokop.

"It meant so much to me, and I was going to wait and try to find you at the right time, and I saw what you did, and I'm amazed,” said Woodruff. “There are not many people out there anymore that are like you, So for Christmas, anytime of your choosing, I looked at your Facebook and saw that you have a family. So I'm sending you guys to the Wisconsin Dells for a weekend. Because there's nothing more important than family time, and I would love for you guys to go. Everything's all set up. All you have to do is pick your dates and you guys are good to go! Those boots, you probably changed that man's life. I mean you changed mine, I talk about you all the time."

"I don't know what to say right now,” said Prokop. “I'm flattered and flabbergasted and overwhelmed at the same time. Not too many times I get speechless and this is one of the times.”

One act of kindness, paid forward by another.

This surprise couldn't have come at a better date. Friday is officer Prokop's birthday.
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