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Why the climate could impact how much money you make

 (CNN) -- There may be a downside to living in place with warm beaches and sunny skies.

A new study finds there's a direct link between temperature and the local economy, meaning your income may be tied to how warm or cold it is where you live.

This study was done by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

They analyzed data over a 40 year period of time and concluded that daily temperatures play a "large role" in the economics of a community.

Their research says the warmer the climate you live in, the less money you make.

For every degree increase in temperature above 59 degrees, productivity of workers and crops decreases by almost two percent, because money is spent adapting to the climate.

For example, compare a place that is 77 degrees to a location that is 55 degrees on average. Workers in the cold climate earned $5 more.

And apparently there is a sweet spot  -- a daily average of between 54 and 59 degrees where productivity is maximized.

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