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Captain: We did our best


 The captain of the Greek ferry that caught fire in the Adriatic Sea last weekend is speaking for the first time about it.

   The captain (Argilio Giacomazzi), who is from Italy, has been praised for being the last to be evacuated from the burning ferry. He told reporters today, "We did our best with the help of God."

   But at least 11 people died amid what was described as a chaotic rescue effort. And Italian authorities believe nearly 100 more may still be missing.

   The ferry's captain was questioned about the fire and the evacuation for more than five hours yesterday by Italian prosecutors.

   A tug today began towing the damaged ferry toward Italy. Once it arrives, authorities want to search it for possible additional victims.

   The number of confirmed dead, and the number of rescues reported by Italian authorities, add up to a higher number than the 474 people who, according to Greek officials, were on the ship's register. That has led to suggestions that the ferry carried an unknown number of unregistered migrants.

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