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A house divided: Packers fan husband, Seahawks fan wife

(CNN/KCPQ) --  We know there are Packers fans everywhere and that includes Seattle where a Packers fan husband and a Seahawks fan wife are preparing for Sunday's showdown.

For the Knuutila family of Olalla, Washington, it's about compromise.

"We just keep it equal. Separate but equal,” says Seahawks supporter Kari Knuutila.

It's been said a house divided can not stand.

"We are united in our love for football. The teams may be different but the desire to watch a good game is the same," Kari explains.

"Most couples automatically “I like what she likes and let's get matching jackets'. I have my thing, she has hers, we can have friendly banter. It's all good. In the end, I love her and if my team can't go to the Super Bowl, i want hers to go," says Kari's husband Ronald Knuutila, a Packers fan.

"No matter who loses this weekend, one of us won't be talking to the other for the rest of the evening, then tomorrow we'll start over," Kari says.
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