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Solutions for dry winter skin, hair, and lips


Winter's dry air combined with blasting heaters can cause dry skin and lips. Knowing how to treat these problems can make this season a lot more comfortable.

"The humidity drops so our skin tends to dry out," said Dr. Elizabeth Nietert, a dermatologist at Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin in Wausau. "If it gets cold we take long hot showers to warm up, we use lots of soap on our skin, that tends to dry it out."

She recommends taking shorter, cooler showers.

To keeping skin moisturized and lips hydrated, Dr. Nietert says to use petroleum jelly.

"Avoid alcohol based lotions," she said. 

While Dr. Nietert says it's important to shampoo, even on dry scalps.

"A lot of times people will think their scalp is getting dry so they'll stop shampooing it. That can actually make the condition worse," she said.

She recommends using a dandruff shampoo to treat a dry scalp.

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