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NFL deflategate: QB Tom Brady responds


(CNN) -- Super bowl controversy: with just more than a week to go before the biggest game of the year, the NFL is investigating whether the New England Patriots deflated footballs to give themselves an edge.

The new England Patriots' star quarterback says, "I have no knowledge of anything. I have no knowledge of any wrongdoing."

If the team deflated game balls during the AFC Championship Game, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman says Tom Brady would have had to have known, telling a Dallas radio station: "It's obvious Tom Brady had something to do with this. For the balls to have been deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen, I can assure you of that."

As for whether Brady would be able to tell, during the course of a football game, if balls were deflated: former NFL ball boy Eric Kester says it's possible.

"The quarterbacks are particular about the way the football feels in their hand -- and a change in pressure can be detectable if you are really feeling for pressure," said Kester.

"I'm not squeezing the balls. That's not part of my process," Brady said.

Brady says he would never do anything to break the rules.

"I feel like we won the game fair and square," said Brady.

The NFL has been tight-lipped about the controversy while it investigates.

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