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Cat claws out of own grave after being buried


(ABC) -- If there are any questions about cats having nine lives, look no further than the story one man is telling the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

He says his beloved cat, Bart, was hit by a vehicle and left for dead in the road.

Ellis Hutson said he even knows the exact spot where he buried the cat. But somehow, he says, Bart dug its way out of the ground and wound up in his neighbor's front yard days later - alive.

The man told rescuers he was sure it was dead. He has no explanation for what happened. When they found Bart alive, they rushed it to the hospital. Bart is at the Human Society of Tampa Bay right now, and rescuers told WTVT-TV that he has severe trauma to the head, a broken jaw, a dead eye, and other injuries. Right now, doctors are scheduling surgery to save its life.

WTVT-TV visited Bart on Monday. Rescuers say they believe he may have regained consciousness, dug himself out of the ground, and hid for a few days.

They say he's likely to live, but he will lose his eye.

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