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1998: Make your own snowshoes


TOMAHAWK (WAOW) – With winter in full swing, many people are getting outside. Snowshoeing is a popular activity.

This week, we head back to Tomahawk in 1998, where folks made their own snowshoes!

In an age of advanced equipment and swift technique, it's a wonder there are still some who enjoy doing it the old fashioned way.

“With snowshoeing, you can just take your time and see a lot more. I think that's one of the reason it's catching on. As far as people wanting to make their own, that's a whole other story.”

This snowshoe class is a weekend long excursion, attracting those who want to enjoy winter at a slow, steady pace.

“The weaving part is relaxing, this on the other hand is like a nightmare. I think I've had this string before.”

“The toes vary. This is the toe and the heel and they vary in length from 15-22 feet. I sound like an expert, don't I? Yeah right.”

But after the frustrating sighs and angry stares, everyone in this class will have their own creation. A hand-made reason to enjoy the outdoors the way our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

“Slowing down is good, I think from time to time, this is just simple. You have your snowshoes and you go out. “

A simple plan for a simple activity that's simply making a comeback.

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