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Barber offers haircuts for misbehaving children

Many people take pride in their hair and would hate to see anything bad happen to it. That's why an ugly haircut can feel like punishment.

A barber in Georgia is taking advantage of that and is now providing a unique service to help parents with misbehaving children.

Barber Russell Frederick is using his clippers to wield his own unique brand of disciplining children. His styles have been dubbed the "George Jefferson," "Benjamin Button," and the "Old Man" haircut.

Frederick's own 12-year-old son was the first to sport this look after getting into trouble at school. Since then, Frederick has gotten numerous requests from other parents looking to punish their own children.

"If the appearance is important to them, it's not hurting them physically, so you can get your point across, make sure they behave. I think it's a wonderful idea," said Alicia Henry, a parent.

While many parents have expressed they feel it's a good disciplinary option for misbehaving children, Frederick admits he has taken some heat from critics who feel this form of public humiliation is akin to emotional abuse.

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