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Another hotel goes boom in Las Vegas...well, sort of


An elevator shaft withstood a more than 2-ton explosive punch meant to implode a Las Vegas hotel, and crews now are planning a little more work to finish the job. Most of the 12-story Clarion casino-hotel crumbled in a pre-dawn Tuesday demolition designed to clear the off-Strip site for new construction.

But despite the detonation of 4,400 pounds of explosives, the elevator core just dropped about four stories and remained leaning a bit to one side.

Property owner and developer Lorenzo Doumani says the shaft still has a ways to go.

The 200-room casino-hotel opened in 1970 as the Royal Inn. It was known over the years as the Debbie Reynolds - for its one-time owner - as well as the Greek Isles and the Paddle Wheel.


The Clarion Hotel and Casino just off the Vegas strip was imploded in the middle of the night.

The Clarion had more than 200 rooms and was the only Clarion in the U.S. to offer gaming.

During its more than 44-year history, the building had several bankruptcies and closures and changed ownership a number of times. It went by such names as the Royal Americana, Paddlewheel, Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel and Greek Isles.

After it closed on September 1, a Las Vegas developer bought the property for $22.5 million dollars. He's not saying exactly what he has planned to replace the Clarion, but said it's going to be big.

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