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1998: Valentine's Day vs. Friday the 13th


(WAOW) -- Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches, but it's also on the same weekend as a superstitious day -- Friday the 13th.

With a full moon in the sky and an eeriness lurking about, there's no doubt it's Friday the 13th.

"I always think something bad is going to happen"

While some smell bad luck lingering in the February air, others link lovely things to this weekend.

"It's Valentine's Day coming tomorrow, there's a lot of people that are sending flowers to their loved ones"

So with two holidays falling on the same weekend, that chubby cherub unsettles superstitious souls both battling for your attention.

And flower shops hope love leaps out to grab you.

"I think people that are aware of that date, with the date will realize it's the 13th but people just think it's Friday and the day before Valentine's Day."

Not everyone is a real romantic. This man sees superstition sneaking ahead in the race.

"The side roads and the stop signs are getting slippery. They are just snowy enough to be icy. And it's Friday the 13th. That's what makes you superstitious."

So what's the verdict? Angel of love? Black cats? Or broken mirrors and ladders?

"Remember the old saying that love can conquer all."

Romance... Well, superstition. OK -- maybe there's room for a little bit of both this weekend.

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