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A persistent pup finds owner at a hospital


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -If you ever doubted the connection between a dog and their human companion, you might want to think again.

For the Francks and their daughter Sarah Wood it was something they can't really explain.

"I said, 'did you sneak this dog in?' Sarah said, 'No, [Sissy] snuck herself in,'" said Nancy Franck. "Set the door off, she got in by herself too. So she was on a mission."

Sissy, a 10-year old Miniature Schnauzer, walked nearly 20 blocks straight through Mercy Medical Center's 10th Street entrance doors and right into the hospital lobby.

She was on a mission to find her owner, Nancy who is recovering due to complications of a cancer-related surgery.

"A big boost. It helped a lot, just to see her and talk to her," said Nancy.

Before being reunited, Nancy's husband, Dale Franck thought the worst.

Early Saturday morning while Nancy was still in the hospital, Dale realized the furnace in their home was not working.

So he took Sissy and her brother, Barney out to use the bathroom, at around 1:30 that morning.

"I thought they both came back in the house," said Dale. " I was panicking. [Sissy's] my baby, I'm sorry."

However, Sissy was no where to be found.

Dale looked all over the house and outside trying to find her, but there was no hope.

He eventually called the animal shelter and Cedar Rapids police before calling his daughter, Sarah.

"Dad's playing another joke," Sarah thought.

About 4 hours later, Sarah learned it was not a joke.

"Then I get a call from Mercy security," said Dale. "They say we have a little dog here."

He said sure enough it was Sissy.

Sarah went to the hospital security office to pick up Sissy, and says she was waiting in the office looking out the window, Sissy turned around and gave a clear look.

" 'Bout time you showed up, I've been here for a while now," said Wood. "Let's go see mom then you can take me home."

Security cameras in the hospital caught Sissy roaming the 10th Street entrance of Mercy Hospital, prancing the hospital hallways, looking for Nancy.

"I didn't think they could do it. I thought dogs could find their way home," but this one found the hospital," said Nancy.

The Francks say Sissy has never ran away from home and couldn't have any idea that Nancy was at Mercy.

The security officer let Sarah take Sissy up to Nancy's room to spend a few minutes with her.

"She was on a mission," said Wood. "The way she walked into the hospital, she was on a mission, she was determined to do something and she was going to do it. I'm sure when Sissy got home she told Barney, ‘Guess who I got to see and what I got to do and where I went?'”

Nancy is hoping to be relieved from Mercy soon, so she can spoil Sissy even more.

"It's amazing and it's God's wish that we got her back," said Dale. "What else can you say?"

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