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SPECIAL REPORT: Made in Wisconsin: Condor Coffee


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Condor Coffee is only a few years old. Its owners roast in a garage in rural Wausau. Now, the product is perking people up in the Badger State.

La Prima Deli serves dozens of cups of coffee every day.

“It's fresh all the time,” said Rollinda Thomas, owner of La Prima Deli.

The beans are roasted locally, right here in Central Wisconsin.

“We switched over to them last fall,” Thomas told Newsline 9.

La Prima used to get coffee from Door County, so it still came from Wisconsin, but they were looking for something even more local. That's where Condor Coffee came into the picture.

“The fact that they are a local roaster and they do a fabulous job and they bring so much information to us. And that we can get the product fresh,” Thomas said.

“We started with the idea of starting a coffee shop four years ago in Weston,” Albert Araya said.

The owners of Condor realized opening a shop would be very time consuming and expensive. So, they thought of an alternative to get the business started.

“We had a few problems there to start the coffee shop, so later on when we couldn't, why don't we just start roasting,” Araya told Newsline 9.

The beans come from 10 different countries including Ethiopia and Rwanda. Each has different characteristics and qualities. That's why Araya saw an opportunity.

“When we bought the machine, we decided we are going to figure out what would be the best roast for every coffee that we have. So you roast it at different temperatures, also at different rates and see what would be the best coffee that we can produce,” Araya said. “For the first three months, we started roasting like four different kinds. And we started roasting at different temperatures and creating different profiles. And then we started asking people 'how you like this? How you like that?'”

Today, they are making beans from Brazil.

“The temperature has to be at least, 270-300 degrees and that's when we start the roasting process.”

Then, he waits.

“If you roast it too fast, you are going to burn some because the roast is going to be a little too hot and going too fast up,” Araya said.

It takes about sixteen minutes until the beans are perfect.

Then it's bagged up and ready to go.

As for the name, Araya and his partner are from Chile. They work on the business with their wives.

“We were looking for something that would be more catchy,” Araya said.

The Condor is the national bird of Chile, making the name a perfect fit.

As for the business itself, as it moves forward, Araya's goal stays the same.

“We are bringing coffee that is really good coffee, high grade coffee, roasted really good and not very expensive,” Araya said.

Condor Coffee owners still have a dream of opening a coffee shop. They hope to do that sometime this year.

If you would like to see where Condor Coffee is sold, or purchase some, click here.

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