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Athlete of the Week: Jordyn and Lexi Schraeder


Jordyn and Lexi Schraeder have been playing sports together since they were young.

The twins are finishing out their senior year on the Blackhawks basketball team, but they still reflect back on their early beginnings.

"When we were little we would go in the backyard and play catch or shoot around with each other in the drive way and at little dribblers at the Y, that's when we started playing basketball," Lexi said.

Jordyn leads the team in points while Lexi is right behind her, but they each have very different skill sets on the court. Jordyn is a true post player and Lexi plays more outside as the teams main three point threat.

"We set up on the same side so we can pass it to each other and then we try to do an in and out game where I get the ball inside and then I just look for Lexi right away," Jordyn said. "So we definitely try to look for each other right away and I don't know I guess we just have a sense of where the other one is on the court."

Their coach, Deb Martin, has coached them all four years at Port Edwards.

"They can pass the ball in between each other very well and they look for each other very well. There is a lot of times in the game where they have a beautiful assist from one sister to the next, it's just great to see them work together that way," Martin said.

The twins rely on each other on and off the court.

"She's a great person for advice and I don't know she's funny she brightens up my day everyday," Jordyn said.

"She always pushes me to be the best player I can be and she goes harder on me than any one else and I do the same to her and that's what's really helped us become good athletes," Lexi said.

After their senior year wraps up the twins are in for a big change. They will be attending different colleges.

"It's been bitter sweet cause we're both excited about what the future holds but it's also like sad because we won't be playing competitively together on the same team any more," Lexi said.

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