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Proposal to ban bullets that pierce armor


A gun shop in Boise, Idaho, is struggling to keep up with demand for a certain type of ammunition. That's because the federal government is considering banning the bullets, which can pierce armor.

The ATF says it will have talks this month on whether to restrict M855 rounds of 5.56 caliber cartridges used in AR type weapons.

They say now that AR guns can be used as pistols, the steel bullets for these rounds violate a 1986 federal law.

"This is just lead. And that has a steel penetrator," said Cindy Pratt-Carrell, Impact Guns Store Manager.

The green tip ammo has the steel bullet inside.

Investigators say when green tips are used with an AR pistol, they can pierce police body armor and be concealed, endangering officers' lives.

"Effectively concealing that type of firearm wouldn't be very easy. But it does meet the definition of a pistol," Pratt-Carrell said.

"What's frustrating about this is that the government is arbitrarily deciding that these now commercially, readily available handguns are concealable. That is an absolute falsehood," said resident Mitchell Jaurena.

Customers say the restriction is an overreach by the government after they weren't able to ban the use of AR rifles.

"Rank and file police officers know that type of gun is not concealable and is not a threat. Very rarely are those type of weapons used in any type of crimes," said Jaurena.

Impact Guns says now shooters are scrambling to get the green tip ammo. Right now, the store is sold out.

"But of course it will drive the prices of any and all of it up, at least for a while," Pratt-Carrell said.

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