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Angie's List: Find the right fencing

What kind of fence is right for you?

"You should really think about the purpose of the fence before you make your decision. Are you looking for something decorative or are you looking for privacy? because that's going to determine what type of fence you should install," said Angie's List founder, Angie Hicks.

Wood is most popular for privacy. If budget is driving your decision, chain-link and wood are the economical choices - about 13 and 16 dollars per square foot.

"You need to think about the initial investment as well as the maintenance of the fence throughout its life. Wood fences are beautiful, but remember, they need to be stained periodically. If you want maintenance-free, you might consider aluminum or vinyl," said Hicks.

Vinyl will run you about 30 dollars per square foot; Aluminum about 10 dollars more. You may also want to consider steel for just a little more.

"Both products have the same aesthetic visual. Your steel products are much more rigid. They're going to sustain more abuse by children, dogs, than say the aluminum. The aluminum doesn't corrode or rust, but most of the steel products on the market have extensive coating warranties provided by your manufacturers," said fencing professional, Rod Smith.

No matter which material you use, make sure to hire a professional. Proper installation is guaranteed and your fencing will be higher quality.

"Most of your fence contractors are going to be able to offer a thicker-walled, better quality product than what you can purchase on the retail market, so using an actual fence company/installer versus buying retail is definitely to an advantage," said Smith.

Angie recommends planning ahead to have this done during cold weather months, when companies are less busy, which could save you as much as 30 percent on the cost of the project.
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