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'Free range' parent preparing to sue state


(CNN) -- New developments in the case of a Maryland couple dubbed the "free range parents."

Their decision to let their young children walk city streets and play in parks unsupervised has garnered national attention.

Now they are celebrating a partial victory in their battle against child protective services over their parenting.

"Relief and vindication," said Danielle Meitiv.

Meitiv has spent the last six months worrying. After all, child protective services has been scrutinizing the way she and her husband raise their children.

"You know really the case of insult to injury," she said.

The Meitivs live in a quiet neighborhood just south of downtown Silver Spring. In three cases, their son and daughter, ages six and ten, were playing at neighborhood parks unsupervised. Each park is within a mile of the family home. To date, CPS has closed two cases, but the third remains open and active.

She is now preparing to sue the state of Maryland.

"People need to be held accountable. Our constitutional rights as parents and as a family were violated numerous times, our children were illegally detained and frankly terrified, and that's not okay," Meitiv said.

CPS is unable to speak to specific incidents, said by email "we're mandated to respond to all calls from the community and law enforcement concerning allegations of neglect of a child. Every case is investigated on its own merit, with a full review of the circumstances."

"One silver lining from this is that I feel like my children have really learned that citizens in a free country can speak up for their rights, can challenge their government and can actually make change and sometimes the government actually admits it's wrong," Meitiv said.

Meitiv is now planning on taking a one-year sabbatical to write a book on the topic of, what she calls, 'Hyper-Vigilant Paranoid Parenting'. She says she hopes it opens the eyes to her worst critics both here and across the nation. 

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