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Drivers revved up over Indiana's new left lane law


(FOX 58) -- For as long as there have been highways, one question has ruled the roads: Who belongs in the left lane?

Drivers out at the Indiana Toll Road Plaza in Elkhart had mixed opinions.

"The left lane should be used for passing," said Rick Spiros.

"The left is for highway speeds," said Stephen Gruber.

"If you're in the fast lane," said Tanya Schiling. "I think you should go fast, or you should get over."

"If you're going the speed limit," said Dave Brunner. "You should be allowed in the left lane."

For ages, there's been no clear consensus.

"If you're going slow or the speed limit," said Schiling. "Get in the right lane. The fast lane is for fast drivers."

Until now. A new Indiana law says speeders have the right of way.

"You'd be surprised at the number of people that go zooming by," said Brunner.

And not everyone is thrilled.

"The speed limit is the speed limit!" said Brunner. "And if you're exceeding the speed limit, you know, you're breaking the law."

Happy or not, if you don't move over, it could cost you. If you're driving 65 miles per hour (the speed limit on the bypass) there's typically several people driving fast than you. As of July 1st, if you don't pull over into the right lane and let them pass you, you could get hit with a $500 fine.

"I think it's safer," said Gruber. "If you can't keep up with traffic, and you're out of the way, there's going to be less accidents."

But even some speedy motorists said slapping grandma with a $500 ticket is going overboard.

"Should you be hanging out in the left lane?" said Spiros. "Not necessarily. Should you get a $500 ticket if you are going the speed limit? No!"

"$500 is a bit much," said Schiling. "That's more than what most people pay for rent usually."

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