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At least 1 Wisconsinite is at "minimal risk" for anthrax


(WKOW) -- U.S. officials say at least one person in Wisconsin is receiving precautionary treatment, after live anthrax spores were sent to a lab in the state, according to WKOW TV in Madison.

A spokesperson for the CDC says four U.S. civilians face "minimal risk." According to Reuters, those people are in Delaware, Texas and Wisconsin. They're being treated with prophylaxis, which typically includes the anthrax vaccine, antibiotics or both. All four people receiving the treatment were doing procedures that sent the agent into the air, according to the CDC spokesperson.

When anthrax is airborne, it can become deadly from inhaling it. Five people died in 2001 when anthrax was sent through the mail.

In this case, live anthrax was sent from an army facility in Utah to eight other states, besides Wisconsin, and South Korea too. In South Korea, 22 people are receiving precautionary treatment, according to CNN. The labs were expecting to receive dead spores.

No word yet on which Wisconsin lab received the bacteria. A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services said Wednesday in an email to WKOW that none of the scientists had shown signs of illness. Officials at the Pentagon say there's no known risk to the public.

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