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Calling it a Career: Desta Krueger & Barb Simon


18 years, 2 classrooms, one friendship.

Two Mosinee Middle School teachers are calling it a career. They say it's time to close the books after years of teaching together.

And one lesson they say they learned, is friendship lasts forever.  

On the second floor of Mosinee Middle School, a friendship is born.

Desta Krueger, room 266. And Barb Simon room 268.

"It's been great because we've had similar philosophies and similar values and similar things that are important to us, our experiences match," said Simon and Krueger.

Simon began teaching at Mosinee Middle School in 1994. Two years later, Desta Krueger hopped on board.

"We really connected then we had such a strong relationship and it's just gotten stronger and stronger," said Krueger.

They have a lot of similarities.

"We're both 62."

They're both 5th grade teachers.

And both share a passion for education.

"One does the lesson and other does the scout going around making sure the kids are on task," said Simon.

While they're in two different classrooms, the majority of the time they're only in one.

"Because we're stronger together," said Simon.

Making the work day for these best friends go by even faster.

"It's a hoot, oh gosh its the best part of the day," said the women.

"They're like hand in hand with each other," said 4th grade teacher, Ann Bechle.

"We finish each others sentences all the time it's like we have sign a language," said Krueger.

Sign language you can spot from a mile away.

"It's not just Barb and it's not just Desta, it's always Barb and Desta," said Bechle.

And now Barb and Desta have decided to say goodbye, together.

"No way I can come to work without Barb," said Krueger.

Leaving a passion behind ...

"My age was a huge factor, I want to do some other things now," said Krueger.

"My mom has Alzheimer's and I know that my grandma had Alzheimer's and I know it's probably coming," said Simon.

But gaining a friendship.

"This was our passion we lived it," said Simon.

"That's a part of Mosinee Middle School that will definitely be lost," said Bechle.

"The secret is working with someone you love, and have fun with, and respect," said Krueger.

As they both call it a career.

"This is the best job ever, the best job ever, who has as much fun as we do," said Krueger.

The teachers shared their story as they taught a yearly etiquette class for the fifth graders. If you or someone you know is calling it a career. let Nancy Yousef know. Email her at

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