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Madison milkman still going door-to-door

The milkman going door-to-door, making his deliveries is something you see in a black and white movie.

That is, unless you're one of the few people in Madison who gets deliveries from the one milkman left.

One day each week, a father of six drives his classic refrigerated milk truck from the family farm in Ixonia to about 100 homes on the city's east and west side.

It takes LW Dairy owner and delivery driver Larry Westoff about ten hours to make his runs.

He says what customers like about his service is the use of glass bottles.

"With glass, with home delivery, it works because you don't have to haul it back and forth and if you ever break one in your car, it's the last one you buy," said Larry Westoff, LW Dairy owner and delivery driver

Westoff says just like the mail, he makes deliveries no matter the conditions.

These days the milkman has branched out to include much more than just milk. He'll also bring eggs, bacon, and frozen pizzas to your door.

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