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New details on falling urine incident in Marshfield


A Marshfield woman is speaking out after pouring urine out of an apartment window and hitting a man walking below on Monday.

She tells Newsline 9 the whole thing was a mistake.

"There is a pretty...pretty odd set of circumstances that are involved here," Marshfield Police Sergeant Dennis Keffer said.

Police said the incident began with the eviction of Brittany Harkema from her South Central Avenue apartment. Harkema had failed to pay for her utilities, leaving the apartment without water, the landlord's daughter Josie Lutz said.

"We couldn't shower, even wash our clothes, even use the restroom. It was horrible," Harkema said.

This meant Hakema had to find other means of relieving herself. And when it was time to vacate the apartment, all of that waste needed to be cleaned up.

During the cleanup process, Harkema said that she found a gallon jug containing urine, and she believed the best way to dispose of it was by dumping it out of her second-story window. She said that she wasn't aiming for anyone.

"I would never want to do this to anyone. That's horrible,” Harkema said. “Like, I would be irate if someone did that to me."

Harkema was arrested for disorderly conduct for tossing the urine and for obstruction, after Marshfield Police said she lied about the act. She faces fines of about $500.

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