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Wisconsin family receives threats for Father's Day photo shoot


HARTFORD (CNN) -- A Wisconsin wife surprised her husband with a family photo shoot for Father's Day, featuring him as "The Caped Crusader."

They posted the pictures online and were surprised by the responses. The rave reviews took a dark turn that would even concern The Dark Knight.

The pictures were just supposed to be a Father's Day gift. Roxanne Daly says, "I was really nervous because it was actually a surprise."

She set up the photo shoot for her husband Mike, a massive Batman fan, with him dressing as the Dark Knight and their son Finn as the Boy Wonder, Robin. "You know, them rescuing me as the "damsel in distress."

The couple posed with their son on some railroad tracks.

The Hartford couple posted the pictures online. They were an immediate hit with friends and family. "Literally it exploded within minutes," Roxanne said. Within hours, it went viral. Mike says, "It had 200,000 likes when we woke up the next morning."

But with all the attention came criticism, saying the Dalys were putting themselves and their baby in danger and promoting illegal activity. Mike says, "The people that don't agree are going to be the most vocal."

They say that's when it began to spiral out of control. Mike says, "Some people posted our address on the internet, made threats, say that they are going to show up at our house in the middle of the night."

Roxanne says she was scared. "I was begging him to go to a hotel for the night because I was terrified."

According to Wisconsin law, only railroad workers and an authorized newspaper reporter can walk along or on train tracks. But the family says they had no idea about the law, and never thought it would come to this.

"These people were doing it in the name of advocating train safety, but putting us out there... almost encouraging people to come and harm us..." Mike says.

The Dalys say they have made police aware of the photos and the threats. Authorities have not taken any action yet.

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