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MUST SEE: Fish with human-like teeth


(CNN) – A rare find during a fishing trip at a New Jersey pond over the weekend.

A family reeled in an odd-looking fish.

At first, the family thought it might be a piranha, but, after fishing around on the Internet, the family learned it's actually a South American fish called a Pacu.

Pacu are related to piranhas, but they don't have sharp teeth like piranhas.

The people who caught the fish say that's how they were able to identify the strange fish.

"We did pull the bottom lip down to see what it looked like, and they have almost human teeth, and this is exactly what it looked like," said fisherman Ron Rossi.

The discovery has many people wondering how a fish from South America wound up in a New Jersey pond.

State officials say pet owners may be to blame. They say people probably bought the exotic fish for their aquarium but then decided to set them free.

Environmentalists urge people not to release these fish into the wild, saying they could disrupt the ecosystem.

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