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10 Commandments monument to come down


(CNN) – Oklahoma's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments must be removed from the State Capitol grounds.

The court found that the inscription on the six foot granite slab violates the separation of church and state

Lawmakers and residents who support the monument are speaking out against the decision.

"They're trying to engage judicial bullying of our people by issuing rulings that reflect their own elitist political prejudices," said Oklahoma State Representative Kevin Calvey.

Calvey says the justices should be impeached for a making a decision to remove the Ten Commandments monument.

"We need to restore the balance in our state government and not put up with this kind of judicial tyranny," Calvey said.

The Supreme Court says the monument must go because public property must not be used for the support of any religion. Supporters of the monument say it does not deal with religion. They say it represents history.

The ACLU says its it is religious.

"We look at this as something written by God, and so one of the things that was in this case really was whether the government gets to say 'we have simply decided that what everybody thought was sacred wasn't,'" said ACLU of Oklahoma Legal Director Brady Henderson.

They say the people supporting the removal of the monument are not anti-God or anti-religion.

"These are folks who are saying I believe this is sacred and you're telling me it's not. That's not right," said Henderson.

Tuesday's decision overturned a ruling last year in favor of a group supporting the monument.

The Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission argued that the privately funded monument wasn't an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

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