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Presidential motorcade arrives at the La Crosse Regional Airport


La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - It takes a lot of planning for a presidential visit, involving hundreds of people and dozens of agencies.

The La Crosse Regional Airport learned of the president's visit last Thursday and began planning.
It's not everyday you see a plane this large.

But when the President of the United States is set to visit La Crosse, so is an Air Force C-17 plane loaded with the entire presidential motorcade.

Secret Service crews came in and unloaded it. For now it will sit at the airport until the president leaves. But in the meantime, News 19 got a closer look at just how big the plane is.

"I'm actually more excited to see the plane than the president," Jason Gillett, the airport's assistant manager said with a chuckle.

This is all part of the La Crosse Regional Airport's preparation. Days of communication with the Secret Service and the Air Force One Team has them ready. "They coordinate with all the equipment they need to bring  in, all the testing they need to do and then they work with the airport as well as local police and fire to make sure everything is secure," Gillett said.

The airport said the President's arrival will have little impact on daily operations.

"During the times the President comes in and the President departs, the airport will close down for about 15 minutes. That's standard procedure for when he comes in or out. So any flights that go in or out at those times will be delayed maybe 10 or 15 minutes. That's the most impact people should see," he said.

Although, Gillett said he still fully anticipates the day to be hectic. "Nothing ever goes as planned even with the president but I have a feeling with all the extra security that we're going to have here everything should go pretty smoothly."

With all that security those at the airport do want to remind people, it's not the place to catch a glimpse of the President.  

Save that for UW-L's Recreational Eagle Center.

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