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1996: 4th of July celebration in Wausau


WAUSAU (WAOW) – Rides at the 4th of July carnival in Wausau change, but traditions stay the same. Newsline 9 takes a look back at the celebration from 1996, in this week's Throwback Thursday.


Everywhere you look, there's a wild ride that attracts the crowd. They toss and turn at unbelievable speeds and are enough to make your head spin and your stomach churn.

While many parents like to sit on the sidelines, the kids always have a blast.

"The other side was going up and we were going down. And we went up and down. At the same time. And some stayed up and some stayed down."

"They like it here a lot. They like going on the rides. They like that up and down and going around in circles. I tried that tilt-a-whirl before and I couldn't do it."

The 4th of July celebration is definitely a family event and the rides make the festivities that much more fun. It's a chance to experience the thrill of a lifetime and spend quality times with their loved ones.

"With today's life, it's so face paced. Being able to just relax and go on different rides. Eat all of the different kinds of food that they have here. It's just enjoyable. It's just relaxing."

While it may be relaxing for parents, the bottom line is that the kids have fun. Just ask them.

"When you twirl around and like when it goes really fast, I like love that. When it goes like that."

So buckle up for a wild ride and a good time at Marathon Park. The whole weekend awaits you.

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