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Racing with the Wind: Talkin' like a Sailor


Learning to speak “sailor” involves a whole different vocabulary.

With the cadence of “trim, trim, trim” interrupted by the command to “jibe” and don't stand around, someone has to release the “spin halyard”. The lingo can spark a sense of being in limbo.

“At first it is completely scary and overwhelming,” Dana Robb, speaker of sailor for seven years, said. “And then you are sort of like 'I have got it a little, enough to not kill us.”

“Then it becomes muscle memory. It becomes automatic. It becomes your language and the way of looking at the world.”

The sounds of a sailboat's classroom teach ordinary water lovers to be bi-lingual.

And, that versatility of speech becomes vital when weather tests a crew and its skipper.

“People can get hurt if it is windy,” Fredd Stritt, skipper of the Hasten, said. “But, when it goes right, it's like an orchestra”

Fred and his crew, accompanied by Newsline 9, raced in the 32nd annual Hook Race on Lake Michigan.

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