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2001: Safe opened after 57 years


(WAOW) -- This week's Throwback Thursday will definitely take us back in time.

This week in 2001, a safe was opened – one that hadn't had its contents revealed in 57 years.


When Joe bought a building, he had plans to turn it into a workshop. He found this old safe in the basement and wondered what was inside.

"It hasn't been open in 57 years."

The safe wasn't opened because no one knew the combination until Joe found it while cleaning and forced the old safe to give up its treasures.

"There was no cash and Jimmy Hoffa wasn't in there. That's what I was hoping. There was no organization, no nothing, they opened the safe, they stuffed the paper work in and they closed it. Everything was just random."

The safe once belonged to the town of Conover. But it was too heavy to move, so it stayed. The papers inside bring to life a long time ago.

"There's so many local folks, there's so many town people that get such a kick out of this because 'that was my dad, that was my grandpa.' I get a lot of elderly people that come down and they were there. 'This was my car loan from the 20s.'”

Like this one for a touring car for $548 dollars. The monthly payment – $36. And this town bill is for cement work. One man got paid $30 for 92 hours of work.

All of these are little pieces of the past that Joe loves to share with the community that made it all happen.

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