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Body cam captures reaction of woman who left child in car


(CNN) -- A police officer's body camera captures the gut-wrenching moments, as a woman is confronted with the fact she left her toddler inside a hot van.

Hannah Secondi's one-year-old daughter is alive and safe, but when police approached Secondi in the parking lot of a Walmart in Owasso, Oklahoma, it wasn't clear she would be.

The officer's body camera captured the confrontation.

On a hot, clear day, the toddler had been left alone inside a van in the parking lot.

"Oh, god! oh, god! I can't believe i did that. Oh, my god! my husband's going to kill me. Oh, my god!"

Luckily, a couple in that parking lot heard something as they walked by secondi's van.

"If the baby had been unconscious or asleep, we would have had no idea," said Jedidiah Bizzell, who found the child.

Chrysty Lansdowne and her boyfriend called 911. They found one of the doors unlocked; a child covered in sweat.

As a mother herself, Lansdowne doesn't understand how this could have happened.

"It's not like she just, you know, 'oh, I just ran inside really quick. I completely forgot. The day has been crazy,' and she was alone. There was more people with her. There was no reason why the baby should have been left in the car," Lansdowne said.

As for Secondi, she's been jailed on $50,000 bond on a charge of child neglect.

Her one-year-old daughter is safe; her temperature, back under 100 degrees.

She is now with her father.

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