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Restaurant serves up cricket shake


(CNN) -- A Connecticut restaurant is offering up a burger, and a shake with a twist -- and it's not your usual chocolate or strawberry.

"You'll never know it was crickets unless we tell you," said Deaven Holley from Jake's Wayback Burger.

What started out as an April Fool's joke is now a reality -- on the menu is the Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Shake -- the insect is right on the poster and workers say an average of 96 of them are milled down to a powder form and are found in every shake.

"Lots of crickets, yes. They don't float around or anything, they're not still chirping," Holley said.

Holley says the reason it's such a hit at these restaurants is because a cricket is packed with protein.

"It's like a trending health thing. People were starting to realize there's more protein in an ounce of cricket, than beef," Holley said.

Holley takes us through the process -- two heaping teaspoons of cricket powder, masked by a whole lot of Oreos, some milk and sweet syrups.

"We serve it right out of the mug," Holley said.

But how does it taste? That's the real question.

"I would definitely order it again. Getting 24 grams of protein is a huge benefit, so it kind of makes you feel less guilty for drinking a milkshake," said customer Dave Capobiano.

Newsline 9's Jordan Betts shared her own story about her experience with crickets -- and even threw in a fun fact about worms too. Watch the video above.

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