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VIDEO: Father tries to run over teens fighting with daughter


(WREX) -- UPDATE: The arraignment hearing for Roy Williams happened this afternoon. Williams, accused of trying to run a group of youths over with his SUV, had his bond set at $150,000. Williams has not paid the bond and will remain in jail tonight.

A Rockford teen records a man allegedly trying to run down a group of kids. Police say he took matters into his own hands after his daughter go into a fight. Now the video has gone viral.

"He was just going after everybody," says Nathan Velez, who recorded the incident on his cell phone.

Velez and his friend Trey Telfair were at a nearby skate park Wednesday night when they heard yelling nearby at Nelson Elementary School. 

"We came over to see what was going on. We heard there was a fight and the next thing we know her dad showed up," Telfair says.

Rockford Police say the father never hit any of the kids, but he came awfully close.

"His daughter got into a little fight with this other girl and hit her," Velez says.

Roy Williams, Jr., 56, originally called police himself after hearing his 13-year-old got into a fight. But officers say he didn't wait around for them. They say first went after the kids with a cane.

"People saw it so they started running," Telfair says.

According to police Williams got back into his car and went after them in his SUV.

"He came around this way where everyone was running to and he went down that way and reversed and that's when he drove onto the grass," Velez says.
Telfair says he stood and watched at first because he couldn't believe it.

"He was coming at us and he was revving his engine to speed up when he was getting close to people and when he got close to me I just jumped out of the way," Telfair says.

Williams stayed at the scene afterward waiting for cops to arrive. He was arrested on the spot after police saw the video.

"He should have not taken matters into his own hand and we would have investigated that initial incident and tried to resolve it without there being any further violence," says Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann.

Police say they did investigate the original fight between the 13-year-old girl and the others. No charges were filed and police say no one was hurt.

Williams faces a list of charges including aggravated assault with a vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon.

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