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Daughter decides dad's speeding punishment


(CNN) -- A state trooper is getting national attention after a traffic stop Indiana, but this isn't a controversial story about a clash with police.

It's about the extra time one officer took to have a positive impact on his community.

Dwayne Ellrich was driving his daughter Ashley to Special Olympics when he got pulled over for speeding.

"85 miles an hour in a 70 zone -- way too fast," Ellrich said.

He had a lot on his mind at the time.

"My mother had passed away the day before, and of course he had no idea of that," said Ellrich.

That's because Ellrich gave no excuses. He apologized and told the trooper where he was headed.

"I said I'm going to Special Olympics and his face just kind of lit up and he said, 'Would you mind if I talk to your daughter?' and 'I said of course not.'"

"I took my hat off and put it on the young lady and I told her the situation, and I told her that she had the option to give a ticket or a warning," said trooper Darrick Scott.

"I told him he should get a ticket," Ashley Ellrich said.

"He just kind of laughed and he said 'I think this time I'll give him a warning,'" said Dwayne Ellrich.

The interaction meant a lot to him.

"What, what he did was above and beyond for us and it made our day for us," said Dwayne Ellrich. 

The story went viral and now, it's bringing joy to thousands.

"I think it taught the young lady that all police officers are not bad, there are good police officers out there and sometimes you do have a say in what happens," Scott said.

It isn't all about tickets or warnings.

"It's about having compliance changing driving behavior on the road," Scott said.

That's something Dwayne Ellrich says he's taking seriously now. He hopes his story will remind others as well.

"Look who is in your car with you and life is so precious just slow down and take it easy," he said.

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