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Target: No more gender-based signs


(CNN) -- A big move by Target is generating a lot of buzz.

The retail giant announced it will stop using gender-based signs in its toys, home, and entertainment sections.

It's doing this in order to make sure its customers don't feel, quote, "frustrated or limited by the way things are presented".  

This will include items like bed sheets -- they will no longer be distinguished by boy or girl signs.  

Same with the toy aisle - no more use of pink or blue on the back walls of the shelves.

Target says it recognizes that signs that help sort out products based on age, brand or gender help shoppers find what they need, but they also recognize that shopping preferences change over time.  

This move was welcomed by many parents and gender equality advocates, many of whom hope other retailers will follow suit.  

The changes will come over the next few months.

Target says it's making this move based on in large part from feedback its received from its customers.   

In a statement on the website, Target wrote, simply, "we heard you, and we agree".  

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