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More leave for new parents

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(CNN) -- How much time would you like to take off following the birth of your child?  A wave of American firms are offering massive maternity and paternity leave policies, but will people actually take advantage of the days off?  

Netflix made headlines when the company announced one-year of unlimited paid leave to new parents.

Now other companies are beefing up their baby leave policies. Adobe is offering new mothers 26 weeks paid leave and 16 paid weeks for new fathers. Microsoft upped their policy to 20 weeks of paid leave.

But are employees using all of  those days?

Jennifer Owens, of Working Mother Media, says there can be an unspoken stigma attached to people who take all of the leave offered.

A professor at MIT School of Management says Facebook workers will be watching to see if their leader, Mark Zuckerberg, takes the company's offer of four months off when his pregnant wife gives birth.

Experts say when companies offer extensive or unlimited leave, there is often a drop in days off taken. Some employees may fear being viewed as a "slacker" if they take too much time off.

Some experts suggest a mandatory number of weeks off for new parents so that all will know what is offered and what is expected when you are expecting.

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