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Greek bailout details studied across Europe


Across Europe, officials are examining the details of Greece's latest bailout package. It could be considered by the eurozone's 19 finance ministers on Friday -- if Greece's parliament first votes on the plan, which contains some painful tax hikes and spending cuts.

   To restore trust and rebuild confidence they say has been damaged over the past few months, Greece's creditors have insisted that lawmakers approve about 40 pieces of legislation by tomorrow, and meet several other conditions by October.

   If the agreement is finalized quickly enough, Greece can avoid defaulting on a big debt repayment next week.

   The so-called eurogroup has to sign off on the bailout deal -- as do a few parliaments.

   Greece's prime minister is facing fierce opposition from hardliners within his left-wing party over the bailout. But the bill is expected to pass in the 300-member parliament as lawmakers in pro-European opposition parties have said they will back the agreement.

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